All through his career as founder of Elcomponics Sales Pvt Ltd, a cable assembly manufacturing company, Mr. S.N. Dwivedi harbored a secret desire—a passion for farming. But what he thought would be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience left him disenchanted when he witnessed the harsh realities of conventional farming.

He started Elworld Agro & Organic Foods Pvt. Ltd. in 2016 along with a small team of dedicated and experienced people. He had three simple aims: to innovate and manufacture products made naturally with organic produce and trustworthy ingredients, deliver excellent customer service, and to be a great employer. Elworld Agro was started to offer a solution to people who are looking for ways to reduce the use of synthetic materials in their lives and food.

We are dedicated to offer wide range of 100% certified Organic, Herbal and Natural products, in order to help people to eat the best products and enjoy the quality of life. We believe in our commitment of delivering quality products with high standard.

Our Tag line "Sure it's Pure" was derived from the thought that what we offer is free from chemical and pesticides, we do not support GMO and ensure that is Purest and organic. We encourage a thought that a lifestyle that favours the environment can lead you to a healthy lifestyle with minimal medical ailments.

We have built our reputation through ensuring sourcing validation from our very own farmer groups/farming clusters which are run by Elgrow Farmers Association. Our customers worldwide TRUST us for these values and quality standards that we strictly follow. Our three year journey bears glorious testimony to this philosophy and we know that the next three years will be even more ground breaking.


Elworld's mission is to empower as many farmers as possible and motivate them to convert from chemical based farming to organic farming. Elworld's team is convinced that as more people forgo conventional foods, which have been treated with pesticides, the cost of production for organic foods will decrease, leading to spurt in supply as well as demand.


We believe in "Kisan Swasth Toh Desh Swasth" (Healthy Farmers Happy Nation), and a utopian dream where farmers get their dues and farmer suicides are a thing of the past. Farming as a profession gains the respect and recognition it so richly deserves.