Initially Mr. Dwivedi's goal was to grow enough organic food for family and friends, but his larger commitment to organic farming and organic farmers eventually led to the birth of Elworld Organic in 2016.

Elworld Organic has its organic farms in Khair Tehsil, Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh (UP). Today, the company has joined hands with more than 2,500 organic farmers—part of the Elgrow Farmers Association—hailing from Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Rajasthan and Manipur.

On its farms, Elworld uses strictly natural plant growth boosters such as "Panchagavya" and Jeevamrutha" —both of which are prepared from cow excreta and other natural ingredients. To repel pests, neem and buttermilk are used, which are environment friendly alternatives to poisonous pesticides.

Not just on the fields but off-farm also, Mr. Dwivedi and his team promulgate clean and healthy living. They've established a solar-run organic food canteen at their corporate office in Noida (UP), which caters organic meals to each employee at the group.

Elworld's organic product range spans more than 150+ items, encompassing groceries (pulses, flours, spices, oils, cereals), dried fruits, ready-to eat products, many more. Its range of health products includes amongst others, the best selling Telangana Sona, a sugar free rice with low glycemic index (GI) and high protein content—ideal for diabetic patients; yellow mustard oil (Kachi Ghani), which possesses numerous health benefits; and organic brown sugar, which is known to be nutrient-rich.

Elworld also imports specialty organic products directly from organic farmers of foreign countries. Medjoul dates are procured from an Israeli farmers' cooperative, Almonds from a farmers' group in Sicily, Italy; and extra virgin olive oil is imported from family-owned farms in Italy and Greece. The brand's latest offering is the launch of an organic premium range—coconut sugar, nut butters and organic tea from Darjeeling (single estate).