Our mission is to redefine the definition of good living to one nourished by organic and natural products that are sourced ethically and farmed sustainable.

We are committed to supporting traditional practices, ethical sourcing, promoting fair trade and handling of products as per the highest standards of Food safety like BRC. Also helping the farmers become self-sufficient through our training programs conducted by Elgrow Farmers Association and support of certification, farming inputs as well as buy back at prices 50-100% higher than MSP (minimum support price) for major crops.

Because we’ve all heard “GMOs are bad,” but do you know why?

That’s because genetically engineered crops are a relatively recent invention with potentially harmful impacts on the ecosystem and on human and animal health. We still don’t know a lot about them and organic standards forbid the use of genetically engineered seeds or animals—including clones.

Because chemicals are bad for you

Organic farmers use sustainable methods of pest-control. Non-organic farms use toxic pesticides and herbicides. These chemicals are really harmful to wildlife and human health, contaminating our food, air, and water, and accumulating in our cells. Organic farming practices, however, strictly forbids the use of these chemicals—making bees happier and food more nutritious.